Electric Chain Hoist With Light Weight

TH-B Electric chain hoist Aluminum body, which improve anti-corrosion and heat dissipation. Small volume and light weight. Double clutch, which can provide load limition(1.25 times of capacity) Up and down limition device Cooling fan motor has unique radiating fin and fan cover can provide rapid heat dissipation of motor, and guarantee the hoist can be operated continously. The hoist employs 10:1 speed ratio motor. The frequency transformer is available at extra cost, which enable stepless speed requlation.

Product Details

                                           TH-B Electric chain hoist    

Electric chain hoist is a kind of portable and small lifting equipment. It is composed of motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket. Beautiful appearance, durable. There is heat quenching inside the gear, which then increases the wear resistance and toughness of the gear. Adopt international advanced technology, fine workmanship, gear with close.


Under normal circumstances

Compact structure, small size, light weight

Reliable performance, easy operation, wide range of use.

Usage and application

Widely used in factories, warehousing, wind power, logistics, port, construction and other fields.

US dollars for lifting or loading. Or lifting heavy objects for work or repairs.

It can be used handle ground control,

It can used wire (wireless) remote control.

It can be suspended fixed use,

It can be used with the monorail (as shown below).


Structural characteristics 

The body is made of high strength tensile shell or die-casting aluminum shell, thin wall precision manufacturing by extrusion molding process, small volume, light weight and high strength.

Separate speed control system, sealed two coaxial transmission gear mechanism, long-term use of oil bath lubrication system.

Electric hoist adopts powder metallurgy clutch as overload protection device. The brake disc adopts DC magnetic field, the brake torque is stable and fast, and the noise is low.



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