Pick-Up Crane With 360 Degree Arm

1. Belt lifting instead of wire rope or nylone rope, no rope in/rope out problem. 2. Arm can move 360 degree 3. Belt and cables go through the arm and stand instead of hanging outside 4. Foldable design for easy transportation 5. Winch power with quick plug

Product Details

Pick-Up Crane With 360 Degree Arm

Features and Advantages

1) Belt lifting instead of traditional wire rope lifting,greatly extend the service life.

we use belt lifting instead of traditional wire rope, this is greatly extend the service lift. Because for steel wire rope, it’s very easy to get squashed, also it’s very easy to get wrapped, then it’s very difficult to get out or in. But webbing, there is no this problem. . And regular wire rope is naked, but our webbing is wrapping inside, this will well protected the webbing. This is enhanced the life of the webbing.

2) Extensional jib, three lifting capacity optional, 100kg, 250kg and 400kgs. you can choose different capacity by different use.

3) 360 Degree movement, locatable at any position, 

Take out the nuts, and turn around the crane, choose the write position you want. And the crane can be folded, you only need to take out nut and fold. 

4) Foldable design, easy transportation.

5) Quick Plug, Bolt connection, fast installation. very easy to operate.

6)Water proof. The plug, control handle, body are water proofed. 

7) Control handle with magnetic, can be paste on anywhere of the body, easy to store.

If you need more information or want a sample for checking, please contact us by:

Email: sales106@toholift.com

Cellphone/Wechat/Whatsapp: 0086 13983800938.

Car Crane2

Car crane

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