Air Hoist

Air Hoist TOHO AIR HOIST featured with lightweight but strong power and high efficiency, mostly applied in the area of Petroleum industry, chemical industry, coal industry, textile industry, warehouse and the production line of home appliance, automobile manufacturing, ship building and repairing. Advantages: 1. Accurate location, Variable speed, easy operation, clean and non-polluted, labor saving, high efficient. 2. Positive action, heavy-duty shoe type brake holds the load reliably. 3. Multu-vane rotary air motor for high torque, smooth operation. 4. Aluminum frame and end cover contributes to the lightweight. 5. External brake adjustment. 6. Limit switch prevents over-travel in upper and lowering directions. With air-break brake system.

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Air Hoist

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            Pneumatic hoist is currently the most ideal explosion-proof lifting equipment in the world. The commonly used pneumatic hoist has three kinds: blade type, piston type and cylinder type.

           It is mainly composed of four parts, which are gas distribution system, power system, deceleration system and winch system. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal, textile, warehousing, household appliances production line, automobile manufacturing line and ship repair and other industries, is the enterprise safety production, improve efficiency, reduce the cost of the essential equipment.



1.Precision positioning

-- To avoid the problem of inaccurate positioning of ordinary lifting products, it can accurately position the load objects to "centimeter".

2.Adjustable speed

-- Stepless speed regulation when lifting or descending; The running speed is fast, is 3 times of electric hoist; 5-10 times the size of the hand-pulled gourd.

3.The operation is simple

-- The pull rod control is simple and easy to control. When lifting or descending, it can quickly respond to the action of the handle output.

4.Clean environmental protection, safe and reliable

-- Internal lubrication system eliminates air pollution. It is suitable to work in special or bad environment, such as moisture, high dust, etc.

5.Handling and effort

-- Pneumatic hoist in addition to pay attention to the appearance of the beautiful, smaller than the electric hoist volume, light weight, easy to handle, and solid product structure design, so that the operation is reliable, small maintenance.

6.Overload protection

-- Benefit from the successful experience of our company in the domestic and international markets for many years, and combine with the strict screening of raw materials. JM pneumatic hoist in the process fully mastered the most critical brake system and low maintenance production technology, to avoid overload of heavy objects caused damage to the product.

7.Barely able to protect

-- To avoid the sudden drop of load caused by the sudden interruption of air source. So that the product has a further quality assurance, thus eliminating the end user to suffer from the promotion or fall off the trouble.


-- Pneumatic hoist is durable, the service life is significantly longer than the general similar products. Thus greatly reduce the end users to the product quality complaints.

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