K-II Chain Block, Japan Model With Top Quality

1. KII chain block is our hot selling product which is original from Japan technology. 2. For meeting the different standards, we will proceed to 1500times cycles life test, to prove our products high quality. 3. Our spare parts also can meet industiral standard by testing professional. 4. We produce the large hook without friction disc. 5. KII chain block meet RoHS requirement because of industrial powder coating.

Product Details


As you can see in the picture, this is a very strange looking mechanical tool. Its name is chain block. Chain Hoist is a portable lifting device easily operated by hand, which is also called Chain block, Hand chain hoist, Hand operated hoist, Mechanical hoist and Manual hoist.

Product description:

It’s Suitable for factories, mines, farms, construction sites, agricultural production, wharfs, warehouses and other installation machinery, lifting, loading and unloading of goods. It is especially suitable for lifting work in the open air and without power supply. The chainblock can be attached to any type of trolley as a moving chainblock. Suitable for monorail overhead transport system, hand crane and jib crane.


A detailed description


1. Gear

They are innovative symmetrically arranged high speed synchronous gears, made of international standard gear steel. Compared with the common gear, it is more wear-resistant, more stable and more labor-saving.

International standard gear steel wear resistance is two times of the ordinary chain block, rotation is more stable, hand tension is lighter.



Adopts high-strength chain and high-precision welding technology, in line with ISO3077-1984 international standard; Suitable for overload working conditions with excessive gust; Make your hands feel better;

Multi-angle operation:

Change the common chain block to only pull down vertically, suitable for a larger range.

Bracelet: A3, grade 30, galvanized,

Chain: 20Mn2, G80, black.


3. The hook

Made of high quality alloy steel, new design, high strength, high safety. Ensure that the cargo does not decouple.

Features and advantages

Automatic double claw braking system

Non-asbestos friction sheet

Industrial powder coatings meet RoHS requirements

1500 cycle life test according to EN13157, ANSI B30.16,NZS1418.2 JBT7334 standards

Product  characteristics


1. Safe and reliable use, easy maintenance.

2. High mechanical efficiency, small pull of bracelet.

3. Pack light for easy carrying.

4. It's durable

5. Small size


Should lift warning devices be part of a "thorough inspection"?

Yes. Equipment installed on the machine, such as a crane, cut off the lifting, lifting or trolley movement, if above the height of the well water, should be considered as part of the lifting equipment and included in a thorough inspection. This also applies to any radius/load indicator mounted on lifting equipment.

• Are pallets, hoppers, ladles or similar considered lifting equipment?

• Usually not. If the equipment is used for material handling and is not permanently attached to the lifting machinery, it is usually considered part of the load and does not need to be "thoroughly checked". Equipment shall be maintained and inspected to ensure that it is safe for use, including during hoisting.

• How often should lifting equipment be thoroughly checked?

Lifting equipment must be thoroughly inspected every 12 months or every 6 months if it is used for lifting. Any accessories used in lifting should also be checked every 6 months. In the absence of a formal "examination programme" prepared by a qualified person, the above requirements are the minimum requirements.


Product Specification / Models


Application / Models

Lifting Up/Down


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