European Model Lifting Clamps, ECD Vertical Lifting Clamps

European model lifting clamps, ECD vertical lifting clamps ECD vertival lifting clamp is suitable for vertical lifting of steel plates and steel structures, it is very popular among our customers. Our TOHO-RONGKEE is a manufacturer group corp. specialized in design, manufacturing and distribution of lifting tools, equipment, and various rigging hardware. We have 100% owned factories and a group of professional enginner in designing and producing lifting products. When you use JCD vertical lifting clamp, please pay attention to below points: Do not exceed the working load limit. Do not use plate clamps to lift load less than 20% of the rated capacity Lift only one plate at a time Plate must be clean and free of oil Not designed to use on stainless steel or aluminum plated For use with material with a surface hardness to 30 RC(300HB) ECD vertical is Japan model, it's features and advantages are as below. Capacity: 0.8T-30T Made of high-quality low-carbon alloy steel It is fitted with a locking device for both open and closed positions, which esure complete safety. High-frequency quenching of die-forged special alloy steels enhance the strength and durability of the tooth plate The working load is the capacity of one piece. It may be used singly or pair of clamp used together. Do not crash the lifted cargos during the lifting and transfer period.

Product Details


ECD Vertical Lifting Clamps (ECD Model) Suitable for the lifting and vertical transfer of single steel plate and H beam it may be used – handedly or pairs of clamp used together. It is fitted with a locking device for both open and closed positions, which ensures complete safety.Big size 16t, 20t, 25t&30t are available


Appplication: suitable for vertical lifting of steel plate

Load range: 0.8-30T

Made of low-carbon high-quality alloy steel

Equipped with a spring locking device to ensure that it does not slip off

The tooth plate is made of special alloy steel, which has been quenched at high temperature, which greatly improves the strength

Degree and durability

The working load in the table is for a single tong, which can be used individually or

Used in pairs.

Do not collide with the object being lifted during lifting

ECD lifting clamp 3

Here are a few pictures can which can show the details of the product's material, version, workmanship, etc., so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the product.


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