Hand Manual Stacker

Hand Manual Stacker Regarding the manual stacker, we have standard type, light duty type and heavy duty type. Below advantages and features are for your reference. Robust steel construction. It can be operated in a narrow space due to small turning radius. Lifting function operated by foot or hand controls. The strong frame provides more stable and safety lifting. Forged fork.

Product Details


Manual stackers refer to various wheeled handling vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking, stacking and short-distance transportation of pallet goods


1. The manual hydraulic stacker makes the mast stronger, safer, flexible to move, easy to operate and labor-saving.  

2. The pressure relief method adopts the pedal type, the lifting speed is stable, and the safety is greatly improved.  

3. It adopts advanced plastic spraying technology to improve the appearance of the product and increase the durability of the manual hydraulic stacker.  

4. It is suitable for production plants, production workshops, warehouses, stations, docks, airports and other places, especially suitable for places with fire-proof and explosion-proof requirements, such as printing workshops, various oil depots, chemical warehouses and other places.  

5. It can be combined with pallet boxes and containers to realize unitized transportation, which not only reduces collisions, scratches, etc., but also reduces workload and stacking area, and greatly improves work efficiency.




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