Powerneema Rope

Specific Gravity: 0.97g/cm2(Float) Melting Point: 145°C Elongation at break: 3.5-4% Water Absorption: None UV resistance: Good Abrasive resistance: Good Chemical corrosion resistance: Super Good

Product Details

POWERNEEMA ROPE is produced with imported ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber, the superior features are including:

Stronger: under the same diameter, the strength is the same as the wire rope.

Lower elongation: the breaking elongation is close to the wire rope.

Lighter: under the same strength, the weight (g/m) is only 1/8 of the wire rope, 1/4-1/5 of the Nylon or Polyester Rope, 18%-20% of the Polypropylene Rope.

Smaller: under same strength, the diameter  of the POWERNEEMA ROPE is 55%-60% of the Nylon Rope or Polyester Rope, 45% of the Polypropylene Rope.

It will non-rotating, anti-kinking, aging resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.

Application: port towing, mooring system for ultra large container ships/LNG/VLCC/VLOC, Army&Navy equipment, offshore, aerospace, sports equipment, electrical communications, large precision object sling, etc. 

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