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Hand Pallet Truck With Welding Pump

Jun 25, 2019

Hand pallet truck with welding pump

The hydraulic pallet truck has the characteristics of lifting balance, flexible rotation and convenient operation. The truck is a high-lift loading and unloading and short-distance transport dual-purpose vehicle, since no sparks or electromagnetic fields are generated. It is especially suitable for loading and unloading of flammable, explosive and fire-proof items in automobile loading and unloading and workshops, warehouses, terminals, stations, freight yards and other places. The product itself is light and easy to operate. Use a mechatronic hydraulic station. High-strength steel fork structure, safe, reliable and durable. Low price, economical and practical.

For the hand pallet truck with welding pump.

1.    It's most standard and popular model with capacity 2000, 2500, 3000 and 500kg.

2.    It's 4mm alloy steel plate makes strength 6 times higher than mild steel material.

3.    PU wheel is heavy with little noise, more applicable for indoor use with smooth ground. Nylon wheel is more applicable for rough ground of outdoor.

4.    One piece pump design provides oil leak-proof and eliminate maintenance and extend the service time.

5.    30mm hand grip size with ergonomic rubber wrap is more strong and comfortable for easy operation.

6.    Shaft and pin connection is much easier for installation or replace of the handle, reinforced rib design under the supporting frame provide higher strength. Below datasheet is also for your reference.

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