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Wire Rope Classification

May 30, 2019

                                                              Wire Rope Classification

Wire rope can be classified according to wire rope material, surface state twisting method and wire rope use.

Classification by material

1. Carbon steel wire rope is made of high quality carbon structural steel wire.

2. Stainless steel wire rope is made of stainless steel wire

Classified by surface treatment 

1. Galvanized steel wire rope, including hot dip galvanizing and electric galvanizing two methods, galvanized layer of steel wire protection belongs to the anode protection, the thicker the galvanized layer, the stronger the corrosion resistance

2. Plastic wire rope is coated with plastic of a certain thickness, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, etc., on the outer surface of wire rope or the outer surface of strand rope

3. Smooth steel wire rope, after heat treatment and cold drawing of raw materials for surface preparation, the steel wire rope is made, and the wire rope is not directly twisted by any surface treatment.

Steel wire rope

Steel wire rope

Classification by twist method

1.Single strands of rope,Also known as single twist rope, made of rope wire

Wire rope layering,Twisted around the center of silk or hemp core, can be twisted a layer or multi - layer steel wire.

2.Double twist rope

It is made of twin-strand rope twisted around the rope core (steel core or fiber core). It can be used to make one or more layers of steel wire rope. It is the most widely used type of steel wire rope.

3.Three closing

It is made of twin-twisted rope around the rope core, mainly used for rough wire rope with diameter of more than 60mm