THC-28 TOW STRAP, Equipped with metal towing hooks or shackles

THC-28 TOW STRAP Product Introduction: It is an emergency choice for agricultural vehicles, trucks and heavy vehicles that require a trailer. It can usually be placed in a backup car. The trailer belt has a delay depth of up to 20% during use, thus ensuring the successful progress of the trailer rescue. Features of Tow Strap: 1. Equipped with metal towing hooks or shackles, the quality is reliable and easy to use. 2. The tough quality is enough to bear the pull of the trailer and feel safe. 3. The belt is constructed with a ring eye at both ends. 4. Lightweight, soft, easy, and safe trailer operation. 5. It has a long service life due to its resistance to chemicals, decay and mildew.

Product Details


Model: THC-28

Length: 12'

Dia. : 18mm

Specification18mm x 12'
Pull≦ 8000LBS
Qty. / CTN12PCS
G.W. / N.W.11 / 10 KGS

Product picture

QQ图片20190326164955  QQ图片20190326165020

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